Friday, July 06, 2018

Services Update w.e.f 9 July 2018

Starting 9th July 2018, we will be following the below given strategy for trading calls:

We are discontinuing with Daily & Weekly News Letter (Pack-2 and Pack-4), Option Pack w.e.f 9th July 2018, but only a few investment picks will be sent in mails for subscribed customer (2—5 such investment calls in a month).
Pack-1: We will give Equity Future 1—3 calls daily + 1 Btst/ Stbt (Max 1--2 calls and 1 btst open at a time min profit 4000—5000 per lot).
1st and 2nd Call will be given around 9:30am to 10:00 am and 3rd Call around 12:30pm—1:30 pm only if one Call has been booked successfully. Some day we might give calls after opening bell due to opportunity.
We will maintain 75—100% success rate in such calls and sometimes we might not give any call that day for trading if there is not sure opportunity for profits avoiding losses or risks.
We will deliver around 30—50 calls in Pack-1 in a month whereas 15—30 Btst/ Stbt calls.
All Intra-day calls will be purely for that day and will be closed around 3:10—3:25 pm or can be converted to Btst/ Stbt call if required.
Btst/ Stbt calls will be given around 2:305—3:15 pm daily.

Nifty/ BankNifty: We will give 1 Nifty Future and 1 Bank Nifty Future calls daily for a gain of 30—40 point in Nifty and 80—100 points in BankNifty Future in intra-day basis. We will also give Positional calls 2—4 Nifty & 2—4 BankNifty Fut calls in a month with 100+ points in Nifty whereas 300—400 points in BankNifty future per call.

Positional Call: We will give 4—8 Equity Future positional call, 2—4 Nifty & 2—4 BankNifty Future calls in a month with profits of around 15000—25000 in Equity Future.

Soon we will be launching a new Investment Newsletter Weekly (1 Script with chart and detailed analysis).

Soon we will be launching IPO Newsletter whenever IPO is open with details and advise on whether to subscribe or not.

Soon we will be launching Newsletter for Crypto currencies covering best 3 currencies on weekly basis (whenever it is approved for trading in Indian markets).

Note: Pls know the market risks involved before trading in any of our calls (Read Disclaimer on our website). We are not liable for any profit/ loss incurred trading or investing in our recommendations.

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