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Daily News Letter    

Date: 28 February 2017


Prepared By: Manish Kumar Sarraf (Prop. IBN Services)

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Last Close: 8896.70 (Down 42.80)

Resistance Levels:  9000, 9250, 9500, 9800, 10000

Support Levels: 8400, 8200, 7950, 7800, 7500


Last Close: 28812.88 (Down 80.09)

Resistance Levels: 29100, 30000, 30700, 31500, 32000

Support Levels: 27000, 26300, 25500, 25000, 24000

Sensex Range This Week: 28500—27500 above which it will touch 29000+ & Below Target 26500; Good Resistance Closing Abv 28500.


BTST/ STBT in last trade (Fut.):

Wipro (Sell – 490, SL – No, Tgt – Later )


Top 10 Equity Derivatives in the Last Session:

Jpassociat, Wockpharma, Jindalstel, Jetairways, Reliance, Torntpharma, Jswenergy, Tv18brdcst, Granules, Concor etc.


Market Commentary:

Market may remain under pressure from higher levels and with hurdle around 9000 mark in Nifty. Most of front cap stocks are over bought on charts and need a healthy correction in short term. Avoid building aggressive positions in current situation rather keep hedge of options with shorts. Hot Sectors For Today: Bank & Metal.


Trading picks for today:







Hot Today

IDBI (78.90)

Buy C/Fut. At 78.5—77.5




A good mid-cap banking pick for short term.

ARVIND (377.80)

Sell C/Fut. At 379—383




Limited upside left, but can fall toward 340-320

Derivative- Future (Strategy for today)

EXIDEIND (209.70)

Must By At 209—206



Bel 203

Max Profits: Unlimited

Take a risk to go long with hedge of options.

EXIDEIND Put 205 (4.90)

Buy when you Buy Fut.

Hedging Position

  Max Loss: Rs. 12000


Sell Around 126--128



Abv  130

Max Profits: Unlimited

High Risk High Gain strategy for 1—2 days.

JINDALSTL Call 130 (5.80)

Buy when you Sell Fut.

Hedging Position

Max Loss: Rs. 18000

Derivative- Option Strategy

INFY Put 1000 (21.95)

Buy between 20—15 

 Options Trading strategy with High Risk-- High Gain.

Max Profits: Unlimited

Trade the given strategy for today, keeping sl 1060.

INFY Call 1060 (12.80)

Sell 2 Lots with Put 1000.

Max Loss: Rs. 20000

Investment Pick

RPOWER (NSE) (46.00)

Accumulate Arnd 42-37



A good pick for medium to long term, limited downside.


Monthly trading picks:

Monthly trading picks for February 2017 (Given on 6 Feb)

BHEL (142.70)

Buy Around 140—133



Below 127

Book 50% profits around 157 on 8th Feb.

SUNPHARMA (647.25)

Buy Around 640—610



Below 580

Book 50% profits around 689 on 7th Feb.














Last Trade (27th February 2017) Performance in all type of equity segment calls: Maximum Profit/Loss: Rs. 65340.00 Approx.


Weekly Equity Performance Report (20th – 24th February 2017):


Monthly Performance Equity Calls (January):


Monthly Performance Nifty/ Bank Nifty Calls (January):


Monthly Performance Commodity Calls (January):



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